Apr 18, 2012

First Crop Circle of 2012 in England

This first formation of the year was reported on April 15th 2012 at Hill Barn, nr Lurkeley Hill, East Kennet in Wiltshire. Once again it was another formation close by Avebury. It is in flowering oilseed rape (canola) and has twelvefold geometry. It appears to be 60-80 feet in diameter. To see more photos go to http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2012/hillbarn/hillbarn2012a.html
 To see the geometry clearly I recommend you visit Temporary Temples blog written by Karen Alexander because she has drawn and painted it http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk/blog/the-first-formation-of-the-2012-season/

The formation occured on the same weekend as our high-energy conference 'Crop Circles & 2012' in Vermont, USA. http://www.earthspiritconferences.com/ There was much discussion on when the first circle would appear and also much talk on our ability to communicate telepathically with the circlemakers, indeed it seems rather rude not to try and engage in a conscious communication with them. So it is no surprise to me that the circlemakers put down the first circle of the year on this weekend in response to our focussed attentions on them. There were 100 of us present and giving all our intent and attention to the crop circle phenomenon.
This isnt an isolated incident either, we have been communicating with the circlemakers since 1996 and have manifested or helped co-create numerous formations, as we know many other people and groups have. For 2012 to start with such an occurence is most auspicious and appears to promise an exciting year. For those of you who want to try communicating with the circlemakers yourself all you have to do is to be sincere and enthusiastic in your approach to the circlemakers and ask for a crop circle that has something to teach you. If you ask for a particular pattern you're not really open to learning anything new from them. Doing this in meditation, focussing on a crop picture or being on the land can all help, but really its up to you to find a method that feels right for you.
Oh, and always say thankyou!