Nov 29, 2010

Restarted under new name

This used to be 'blog from the fields' and I admit I didnt do many blogs from the fields! So I'm now restarting a blog with a wider scope - anything that I think is of interest under the umbrella subject of earth mysteries. I'll be including regular articles on various sacred sites worldwide, earth energies, crop circles and the importance of water. I also want to share books, websites and videos that I've found inspiring. We're rapidly approaching 2012 and events in the world change very quickly nowadays. My interest in ancient cultures and sacred sites is that I believe our ancestors knew things that it would benefit us to know and apply in the world today. Whenever I come across such wisdom I'll share it in this blog. A very obvious and pertinent one for us today is how the ancients lived in harmony with the Earth and used her natural energies in a healthy way. They also understood and respected the natural law of complementary opposites and the dance of energy between them. This is an immensely important thing to know and live by and will be the subject of my next post.
I hope you enjoy this revamped blog and send me your thoughts, comments etc. I'm learning how to use this technology so it wont be perfect, more of a process!
Yours re-enthused