May 28, 2009

First 3 formations in barley

Windmill Hill

Bishop Canning's

Barbury Castle
Having had a wonderful start to the crop circle season with a record-breaking eleven formations in flowering oilseed rape, the first circles have now been reported in green barley. This is truly a pleasure to go into as the soft heads of the crop sway in the breeze making you feel you're walking through the ocean as you go down the tramlines. All three circles are in Wiltshire within a few miles of the crop circle epicentre of Avebury and all three are in locations that regularly have crop circles.
Last year we had a formation at Barbury Castle that showed Pi clearly in its clever design, and now we have another one at the same location also showing Pi as 22/7. There are 22 circles in total and 7 in the inner ring of circles, there are also 7 rings within the design. We are told that on 22nd July (22/7) this year there will be a total solar eclipse. Many people are finding astronomical interpretations within the crop circles geometry.
We havent been into these formations but the reports we've heard are that the ground features are impressive with few signs of damage to the stems.
What will be next?

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